CRM Contact Management System for Agents and Brokers

Using the Contacts Tab

The Contacts Tab is the main hub of your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Tool and where you now have the ability to manage all of your contacts.
Your CRM allows you to stay engaged with your clients and referrals and gives you the ability to manage all of your contact's information, email, schedule tasks and track your client's activity on your website. The Contact Management system integrates seamlessly with all of your tools, such as your Complimentary Interactive Map Search Website and Automatic Listing Alerts by email!


Contacts Tab Overview - Advanced

The Contacts Tab is a vital piece to the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Tool.

Inside of the Contacts Tab you will see the following:

  1. A button to Import Contacts
  2. A button to access Contact Groups
  3. A button to add a New Contact
  4. A function to be able to Search clients by name
  5. A function to be able to Filter by Status or Filter by Group

Below is the Contact Management System, which includes the following details:

  1. Name
  2. Latest Activity
  3. IL (Interest Level)
  4. Status
  5. Last Core Action
  6. Last Updated

*Keep in mind that when you first click on your Contacts Tab, the contacts are sorted by the Evaluate Status. This means that if you have imported or moved any contacts into any other status than Evaluate, you will need to filter by that status in order to view the desired contacts.

Your Website is a fully integrated website platform that synchronizes with your CRM and contact management system. This integration makes it so that contacts automatically come into your CRM right from your website. 

This means that if a consumer or client registers on your website, submits a lead form on a specific listing or fills out a contact form anywhere on your website, all of that information will come over to your system and create a new client record for them.


Inside the Client Record

Once you click on a Client Name, you are then inside of the Client Record. The Client Record is all of the information and records pertaining to that specific contact.
  1. At the very top of the client record you will see your Clients Name, Phone Number and Status‚Äč.
  2. Contact Status. This is how you can organize your prospective clients. The following are the different levels of status’:
    1. Evaluate - Immediate action needed. Evaluate this contact as priority, long-term, or short-term. Contacts that submit a website form will automatically be set to this status, unless the contact is already set to Priority.
    2. Priority Prospect - Your best, hottest prospects. Focus on these contacts the most.
    3. Short Term Prospect - These prospects aren't ready to transact now, but it won't be long.
    4. Long Term Prospect - Your coldest prospects. Stay in front of these contacts with automated e-mail and the occasional phone call.
    5. Closed - Closed business. This is where you want all your prospects someday.
    6. Archived - Non-prospects or contacts you have no expectation to do business with.
  3. Just to the right of the Client Name and Phone Number, you will see a button that says Email.
    1. Click on Email, and it will now give you the ability to email that client directly from the client record in the CRM.
      1. Type in the subject
      2. Type in the body
      3. Click send
    2. These emails you send from the client record are also accessible from the conversations tab or “Inbox”.

    Click here to learn more about the Conversations Tab.

Client Record Tabs

  1. Click the General tab. Inside of the General Tab, you will find the following information:
    1. Contact Details - here you can edit your client's contact information (including an alternate contact name and information)
    2. Address - here you can input and/or update the client's home address
    3. Company Info - here you can input and/or update the clients company information (including a company address)
    4. Website Login Info - here you can view your contacts login information for your website (if they have registered on your website)
    5. Assignments - this section becomes relevant when using a broker or company solution, ignore this section if you are using a Solution as an individual agent. Here you should see that yourself is assigned to the contact
    6. Client Groups - here you can add or remove your client to and from a client group. You can also create a Client Group in this section by clicking on 'New Group'
    7. Client Campaigns - this section becomes usable when you are at the Premier Package level, if you have the Advanced or Professional Solutions, disregard this section.
    8. Important Dates - here you can add things such as Birthdays and Anniversaries, or you can even create Other dates that you'd like to keep a record of for each individual client.
    9. If you made any changes, make sure to click Save Changes.
  2. Click the Recent Activity tab. Inside of the Recent Activity Tab, you will find the following information:
    1. Contact Activity Stream - here you can view a list of every action that your client has made. Such as: submitting a lead, saving a property, opening an email, or registering on your website etc.
    2. Activity Summary - this is a summary view of every activity that this specific client has made. This is where the client's 'Interest Level' gets calculated from - the system does a tally of recent activities to give you a quick summation of how active/interested they are or have been in the recent past. 
    3. Lead Inquiries - here you will be able to view any lead or inquiry that this client has filled out on your website. When your client fills out a lead form on your website, that lead will auto populate both into this section of the specific client, and it will also appear in the Leads Tab .

      Click here to learn more about the Leads Tab.

  1. Click the Tasks tab. This is a task management system that allows you to add tasks to a specific client.
    1. To add a New Task reference the right-hand side of the page in the section titled 'Add New Task':
      1. Fill in the Title
      2. Add a Description in the Notes
      3. Select a due date
      4. There is an option to Assign the contact to someone, disregard if you are not on a company or broker solution of
      5. Set a Reminder
      6. Click Add Task
      7. Click Save Changes
    2. Once you have added a New Task you will see it appear under the Client Related Tasks on the left-hand side. Inside each task you will be able to do the following:
      1. Edit the task
      2. Mark as Done - a window will pop up, click Complete
      3. Delete the task - a window will pop up, click Delete
    3. If you made any changes, make sure to click Save Changes.
  2. Click the Notes tab. This tab displays a complete note log for this client.
    1. Notes will be added into this section for you if you:
      1. Have a 'Note' field in your contact import for this specific client
      2. OR if the client submits a lead, it will also be viewable in this section
    2. To Add New Note
      1. Select Note Type either Note or Phone Call
      2. Type in the Notes field
      3. Click Save Note
    3. Once you have added a New Note you will see it appear under the Saved Notes on the left-hand side. You can view your notes, phone calls and leads for this client, under this section.
  3. Click on the Saved Searches tab. Here you can view, configure and/or edit, the saved searches that this client may have already created for themselves on your website, or you can create a New Saved Search for your client.
    1. New Saved Search - Clicking on New Saved Search allows you to create a new saved search for your client and set them up with Automatic Listing Alerts by Email, right from your Dashboard.
    2. Existing Saved Searches - if the client has already saved a search through their consumer log in on your website, you are able to do two things:
      1. Configure Criteria - here you are able to Configure Criteria on an existing saved search.
      2. Edit Notification preferences - here you are able to change this client's notification frequency on an existing saved search.

      Click here to learn how to create a new saved search, edit an existing saved search and to set your clients up with Automatic Listing Alerts by Email.

  4. Click on the Saved Listings tab. Here you can see all of the saved properties that the client may have already saved for later.
    1. Click Delete on a specific listing to remove a Saved Listing from this client record

Other Ways Contacts are Integrated

  1. The Leads Tab - In the Navigation Bar on the left-hand side of your screen, click on the Leads tab. If a lead is filled out from your website it will come here. In the Leads tab you can Search clients by name, and you can also find the following:
    1. Contact Name
    2. Description
    3. Source
    4. Source URL
    5. Date
    6. *If you click on the Contact Name, it will take you right back to the Client Record
  2. The Listings Tab - In the Navigation bar on the left-hand side of your screen, click on the Listings tab. The listing marketing tab allows you to sort through all of the listings in your MLS and you can share and send listings to your clients by email

    Click here to learn more about how to use the Listings tab to share instantaneous listings to your clients

    *Contacts also are in the Activity Dashboard under Contact Activity Steam as well, and again giving you all of the contact activity information on every one of your clients that is under recent activity as well.


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