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Import Your Contacts into Contact Manager

Hit the ground running by importing your contacts in CRM, where you can configure their custom Auto Listing Alerts or add them to Email Marketing Campaigns and Broadcasts.


Organize Your Contacts Spreadsheet

  1. Open the excel spreadsheet that contains your contacts
  2. The first thing you need to check, is to make sure that the excel sheet is named 'Contacts'
  3. Revise or add to your excel sheet to your liking before moving to the next step

    *NOTE: For Professional and Premier packages that include the texting feature, be sure to input the contact's mobile number as their Primary Phone AND make sure that you input Mobile for Primary Phone Type. This way you will be able to text the contacts you are importing without having to input Mobile for their Phone Type one by one.

    *NOTE: Keep in mind that the texting feature only works if the contact's Primary Phone is their Mobile number, the texting feature will not work if you input the Mobile number as their Secondary Phone.

​Click here to download an example of a contacts excel spreadsheet. Use this to start your own contacts spreadsheet, or use it as a reference to learn the different types of fields you can import into your CRM.

  1. Log in to the dashboard
  2. Click the Contacts tab on the left-hand side
  3. Click the Import tab

File Import

File Import settings and contact spreadsheet file upload

Import Settings:

There are two options for Import Settings

  1. First row contains field names (column headings) and shouldn’t be imported
  2. Do not import duplicate contacts (matches on e-mail)

*NOTE: Select one, both, or none depending on your preference.

Import Into:

There are two options for Import Into:

  1. My Contacts OR
  2. Company Contacts

*NOTE: Unless your team or company/brokerage has a solution, you will want to import into ​My Contacts

Assign to:

This option is also intended for a broker or team solution, this gives you the option to be able to assign a set of contacts to a specific real estate agent. 

*NOTE: If you are using this as an individual agent, you do not need to assign this contact import to yourself, you can leave this blank

Assign to group:

This function gives you the ability to assign this set of contacts to a specific group.

*NOTE: If you add columns into your excel sheet with the header of 'Contact Groups', the system will automatically create those groups and filter your contacts into those designated groups. You can have as many 'Contact Groups' ​ as you would like in one excel sheet.
*NOTE: If you do not wish for all of the contacts that you are importing in this round to be sorted into one specific group, you do not need to assign this import into a group.


This function gives you the ability to put all of the clients in this import, into a specific status.

Click here to learn more about the Client Status.

*NOTE: For learning purposes, you can put the contacts in your imports into the evaluate status group. This way when you go back to the contacts tab (CRM), it will remind you to sort your contacts into whichever status they need to be in.

Configuring the Import

Mapping fields from the contact spreadsheet to the Contact fields in the CRM
  1. After selecting all your desired import settings click Click or Drop files here to upload
  2. Select your Contacts file

    Or drag and drop your desired file into this area

The next screen that will appear will have your field names (or column headings) at the top in bold lettering.

Just underneath that will be your options for what you’d like to input each column as.

*For example, if your first four field names (or column headings) were First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Email Address, those should be the fields that automatically correlate to the correct information. If anything says -- NOT MAPPED -- or the field doesn’t match the column heading, use the drop downs to select the destination for the data in those fields as needed.

  1. Once your field name (or column headings) destinations are correct, click Import
  2. Wait while the system imports your contacts, it will say Import Complete when it is done
  3. Click Go to Clients

This will navigate you to the Contacts tab (CRM)

Click here to read an overview and learn more about the CRM- Contact Management System.


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