Sending Drip Email Campaigns

Sending Date-driven Email Campaigns

Targeted date-driven email marketing campaigns turn prospective buyers and sellers into clients. Create a campaign, add recipients from your contact and watch the engine generate referrals and repeat business!


Overview of Email Campaign Tab

  1. The first button at the top is the New Campaign button, you’ll click this to start a new campaign
  2. Just to the right of the New Campaign button are four headers: Active Campaigns, Emails Sent, Read Emails and Inactive Campaigns
  3. Just under that is the All Sent Emails area, once you set up email campaigns, you will see all of your outgoing emails listed here
  4. On the right-hand side you’ll see your current Email Campaigns in the blue tab
  5. And just under that you’ll see the Scheduled Emails in the red tab

Create a Date-driven Campaign

  1. Log in to your Activity Dashboard
  2. Click on the Email Campaign tab on the left-hand side
  3. Click on the New Campaign button
  4. Select your preferred Date-driven Email Campaign (such as an Holiday)
  5. Once you’ve selected your desired Date-driven Email Campaign, it will take you to your Email Campaign Details

Overview of the Email Campaign Details

Inside of your Email Campaign Details, you’ll have some headers to give you a snapshot overview of your statistics; Emails Sent, Read Emails and View Rate, there are also four tabs:

  1. Settings - This tab provides you with all of the information about your Email Campaign such as:
    1. Campaign Details, including the Campaign Name, the Description, the Campaign Type and an option to send past-dated messages to new contacts
    2. Email Preferences, here you get to decide between default email preferences and setting one-time preferences you can see which website the email campaign is coming from and you can create your unique email signature
    3. Delete This Campaign if you would like to delete the email campaign, check the box and click Delete Campaign
    4. Don’t forget to click Save Changes
  2. Messages This tab gives you a general overview of the messages that are sent out
    1. Campaign Messages - you can view the message name and this is where you have the option to edit or remove the specific message. At the very bottom you even have the option to Add New Message
    2. Send Test Messages - this gives you the helpful option to send yourself a test email to see what your clients are seeing in their inbox.
  3. Recipients - this tab is the function of adding clients to the email campaign. There are two options:
    1. Campaign Recipients (Members) - Type in a client’s name, select the client, and click Add Client to Campaign
    2. Add Recipients By Group - Select which group to add to receive the email campaign by choosing a group from the drop down, click Add Group to Campaign
  4. Activity - This tab helps give you an idea of who your emails are or are not reaching, the following is what you will find in this tab:
    1. Viewed Emails in the Last 30 Days - this gives you a list of clients who are opening your emails
    2. Failed Emails - this gives you a list of emails that did not go through
    3. Sent Emails in Last 30 Days - this gives you an overview of which emails were sent in the last 30 days
    4. Scheduled Emails - this is a list of emails in your campaign that are not sent yet

Finish creating your Email Campaign by doing the following:

  1. Under the Settings tab under Email Preferences, add your desired Signature
  2. Click Save Changes
  3. Click the Messages tab
  4. Under Campaign Messages click Edit on the message you would like to edit
  5. Click in the 'Send After:' box to edit the date you wish for this message to go out
  6. Click Save
  7. Click the Recipients tab
  8. Input a Client Name and click Add Client to Campaign or Select a group from the Add Members of Group dropdown and click Add Group to Campaign

And just like that, you have your first Date-driven Email Campaign set up to send to your clients automatically.


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