Dashboard tab overview

Using the Activity Dashboard Tab

The Activity Dashboard is your landing page, and a means of putting your finger on the pulse of your business. Here you will see recent activity from clients, and how the system is working for you automatically.

*If you are looking for more details than what is displayed on this page, click on the Leads Tab which is found in the Navigation Bar on the left-hand side of your Dashboard.


Activity Dashboard Overview - Complimentary

The Activity Dashboard or "Home" page is a high-level summary of any actions or activities by consumers on your personal website that have created a lead, along with certain actions you have taken inside of your Dashboard.

At the very top of the page there are 4 "headers"

  1. Active Contacts - These are contacts that have done an “event” on your personal website, and event is something like: clicked on a listing, saved a property, saved a new search, filled out a lead contact form, clicked on an email, read that email.
  2. Core Actions - These are actions that the system has taken on your behalf such as: emailed properties to a consumer who signed up to receive automatic listing alerts.
  3. Sales Actions - With the Complimentary Solution, this Sales Action section will not be utilized until you have upgraded to one of the three package options.
  4. Client Needs Evaluation - These are clients that require your attention. This is the systems way of letting you know that these clients may have filled out a lead form or need some other kind of attention. 

Just under these 4 headers, there is a Tasks section, this section will also not be utilized until you have upgraded to one of the three package options.

Just under the Tasks section, is the Contact Activity Stream. This is another high-level summary of what is happening on your personal Website.

You will see things such as:

  • "You have a lead from ________."
  • "________ saved a property."
  • "________'s level of interest decreased."

Just to the right of the Contact Activity Stream is the Attention Required call out. This will bring your attention to leads that have been submitted on your website or current contacts that have been taking actions on your website. You will see things like "1 Client requires your attention."
Under the Attention Required section you will also see "SMS missing or disabled channel." At the Complimentary and Advanced levels, you can ignore this message. The SMS feature is utilized at the Professional and Premier Package level.

Under that is the Core Actions Log, on this Account level there are not many Core Actions that you as an agent can take inside of the Dashboard, a Core Action is an action that the system does, that you or a consumer have set it up to do automatically. Such as, a consumer can create a Core Action on your website by signing themselves up for Automatic Listing Alerts by Email. You will see a notification under your Core Actions Log that says: "Sent 1 listings notification."

Under that is the Sales Actions Log this is an additional place for you to see Sales Actions that have occurred. Again, with the Complimentary Solution, this Sales Action section will not be fully utilized until you have upgraded to one of the three package options. Sales Actions are things that you yourself have done inside of your account.

Navigation Bar - Complimentary

The Navigation Bar is found on the left-hand side of your Dashboard, this is where the different tabs and features can be accessed and navigated to.
In the Complimentary Solution you have access to the tabs listed below. Click on the tab names below to learn more about these tabs and their features:
  1. Activity Dashboard (or Home Page)
  2. Leads
  3. Calendar
  4. Websites
  5. Settings 
  6. Help


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