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Using the Websites Tab offers modern, high-converting, mobile-friendly websites built around an engaging Interactive map search. Local buyers and sellers will search YOUR website instead of the popular national portals, allowing you to give your clients the personal service they seek.


Websites Tab Overview - Professional & Premier

The Websites Tab is where you can view and manage your personal website(s).

To view your Complimentary Website, click the website that is already created for you, it should be:

This will direct you to the Manage Website page for your Complimentary Website. Here you will find:

  • Edit My Website- because this is the Complimentary Website, there are not very many features to edit here. You can view your domain name and when you click on your domain name, it will direct you to your Complimentary Website.
  • Article Settings
  • My SEO Settings
  • My Add-On Settings

If you go back to the Website Tab and click on Add New Website, this is the capability to create a Customizable Website.

Click here to learn how to create a customizable website.
Click here to learn how to edit your new customizable website.


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