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How to Create a New Website offers modern, high-converting, mobile-friendly websites built around an engaging Interactive map search. Local buyers and sellers will search YOUR website instead of the popular national portals, allowing you to give your clients the personal service they seek.


What to Do Before Creating Your Website

Before creating a website, make sure that you have uploaded a logo into the Company Logo section of your account.
To access this:
  1.  Log in to your Dashboard
  2. Click on the Settings Tab
  3. Click Photos & Logos
  4. Choose a file to upload into your account
  5. Click Save Changes

*If you would like to update your Profile Photo or Thumbnail Image that displays in this Photos & Logos section, please update your Profile Picture in your Prospector+ Profile and you should see an updated image in your Dashboard within 24 hours.

How to Create a New Website - Professional & Premier

To create a new Customizable Agent Website, follow the steps bellow:

  1. Log in to your Dashboard
  2. Click the Websites Tab
  3. Click Add New Website
  4. Enter a Site Address

    *NOTE: When entering a site address - whether you have a personal domain name or not, your site address will have the subdomain '' e.g. - If you plan on changing this site address to your personal domain name in the future, you still need to input a "temporary" site address in order to create the website

  5. If you do have a personal domain name obtained through a 3rd party, you can enter it in the Domain Name field.

    *NOTE: The Domain Name is not required here, and can be added later when you would like to make that change

  6. Choose a Color Theme
  7. Select a Content Template

    You have three website templates to choose from for the Customizable Website: 

    1. Click here to view an example of the 'Advantage' Template
    2. Click here to view an example of the 'Map Search' Template
    3. Click here to view an example of the 'Portfolio' Template
    4. Click here to view an example of the 'Portfolio Two' Template

    *NOTE: DO NOT select the Complimentary Template - this template is the Complimentary website you already have and does not have any editing capabilities

  8. Click Create Website

    *NOTE: Your new website is a Draft Site (not live) until you publish it

Click here to read an overview of the Websites Tab
Click here to learn how to edit your new Customizable Website

Click here for a more detailed visual guide of this step-by-step

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