Contacts tab overview

Using your Marketing Channels

Learn how to update and utilize your Marketing Channels.

Your Marketing Channels are where you have access to update your Email Marketing Channel and if applicable, create an SMS Marketing Channel!


Settings Tab - Marketing Channels

The Marketing Channels menu item under the Settings Tab is where you have access to view and update your Email and/or SMS Marketing Channels settings and also where you can view and/or add Email or SMS credits.

Marketing Channel Credits

Marketing Channel Credits are how you are able to send Email and SMS messages right from your Dashboard. Your Account is automatically loaded with Email and SMS credits depending on your package level.

The Email capability is included in all three packages - Advanced, Professional and Premier. So the Complimentary account does not require any additional Email credits.

The Text capability is included in the Professional and Premier Packages. So the Complimentary and Advanced accounts do not have an SMS channel option or require any SMS credits.

If you run out of Email or SMS credits, you are able to reload them by selecting the number (it will show the number zero if you are all out of credits) next to the envelope (for email) or chat bubble (for SMS) and continuing one to choose how many credits you would like to purchase.

The Professional Package includes 200 SMS credits a month and the Premier Package includes 500 SMS credits a month.

All credits Email and SMS, do roll over to the next month, and an additional 200 or 500 credits get added to your account each billing cycle.

Email Marketing Channel

Your Email Marketing Channel is created for you automatically and is set up using the domain.

If you wish to leave the email settings as is, you do not need to do anything further.

However, if you would like to change your email marketing channel you can do so by clicking the edit button (the pen and paper icon) to the far right of the email address line.

Your email marketing channel is already set up with the destination email of your primary email address from your Prospector+ Profile, but if you have changed your email from what is shown in this section, update it here.

If you have a unique email domain that you wish to change your marketing email address to, please contact the MetroList Tech Support staff and we would be happy to assist you! (916) 922-7584 ext. 685

SMS Marketing Channel (Professional and Premier Package)

Included with the Professional and Premier Packages is the text messaging capability. In order to start utilizing this powerful feature, you will first need to set up an SMS Marketing Channel. Follow the steps below to learn how to do this yourself:

  1. Log in to your Dashboard
  2. Click on the Settings Tab
  3. Click on Marketing Channels
  4. Click on the red New Channel button
  5. Under Type, make sure SMS is selected
  6. Click the checkbox next to Enabled
  7. Select your Country
  8. Now start your search for your new SMS marketing phone number
  9. *We suggest searching for available numbers using the area code or postal code you would like your phone number to be in *Keep in mind that you will not be able to use your existing cell phone number, this process is creating you a new number dedicated to sending text messages from your solution
  10. Click Search
  11. Select the number you would like to use by clicking on the white circle next to your desired phone number
  12. Click Save Changes

Additional Settings to Update

The Settings Tab is where you are able to navigate to numerous different account settings to view and modify specific information, settings, preferences and upgrading your account. Below are additional resources to learn how to update those individual Settings:

Click here to learn how to edit specified Account Profile information

Click here to learn how to update your Photos & Logos

Click here to learn how to update and input your Email & Social preferences

Click here to learn how to view and revise your Username/Password

Click here to learn how to update your Notifications preferences

Click here to learn how to manage your Plan & Billing or upgrade your account to one of the Package Options


Learn more about the Settings Tab

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