Contacts tab overview

Updating your Photos & Logos

Update your Photos & Logos to appear on your Website!

*Don't forget to keep your Prospector+ Profile up to date, as your account profile is built using that information. Keep reading below to learn what information can be updated in your Dashboard versus your Prospector+ Profile!


Settings Tab - Photos & Logos

The Photos & Logos menu item under the Settings Tab is where you have access to view your Profile Photo, Thumbnail Image and to view or change your Company Logo.

Profile Photo and Thumbnail Image

If you would like to update your Profile Photo and Thumbnail Image, you will need to add or update your image in your Prospector+ Profile.

*Once you have updated your picture in your Prospector+ Profile, you will see the change in your account within 24 hours.

Company Logo

To upload your Company Logo, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Settings Tab
  2. Click on Photos & Logos
  3. Under the Company Logo section, click Choose File
  4. Preferred logo file format:
    • JPG - recommended 480x120 pixels
    • PNG - file must not exceed 480x120 pixels (For transparent logos, use a PNG image file.)
  5. Locate and select your company logo file
  6. Click Open to upload your logo
  7. Scroll down and click Save Changes

Additional Settings to Update

The Settings Tab is where you are able to navigate to numerous different account settings to view and modify specific information, settings, preferences and upgrading your account. Below are additional resources to learn how to update those individual Settings:

Click here to learn how to edit specified Account Profile information

Click here to learn how to update and input your Email & Social preferences

Click here to learn how to navigate your Marketing Channels‚Äč

Click here to learn how to view and revise your Username/Password

Click here to learn how to update your Notifications preferences

Click here to learn how to manage your Plan & Billing or upgrade your account to one of the Package Options


Learn more about the Settings Tab

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